"Lift your spirit with our fragranced bathbombs!"

Michael’s CWD was founded in 2001 as I contemplated leaving the corporate world and fulfilling my desire to work for myself. After all, growing up on a farm in the Midwest gave me a strong sense of self-sufficiency, and I concluded that I could make a living creating and selling soap. After extensive study of different soap-making sites on the Internet, I felt it was time to proceed. I drew on a solid foundation from history as I moved ahead with plans to start a business that could support me here in San Francisco.

In all of my research on how soap was made, I was surprised at how many substances with unpronounceable names were in the lists of ingredients of many commercially made soaps. My own methods are based on traditions, such as making my own color and fragrance extracts from plant materials. I use processes that the Old Masters used more than 500 years ago when making pigments from plants for paint colors (for example, pigment extracted from marigolds can color paint but is also used as a natural colorant for body products). I infuse many of the oils used in my soaps with extracts from organic botanicals because of their beneficial properties (one such extract comes from comfrey roots and leaves—Symphytum officinale—and is used to calm inflamed skin).

Michael’s CWD is a company that combines Old World techniques and modern equipment. In Northern California I have the luxury of having organic botanicals growing all around me, and I have a large container garden in which I grow many of the herbal ingredients that I use in my soap making. Ingredients are also sustainably wildcrafted from local sites or are made from products supplied by organic farmers at our farmers markets.

For the past 5 years I have been growing plants from which I distill some of the essential oils that are part of my soaps and other body products. Every ingredient that is used is carefully researched for its properties and benefits to the body. All of my soaps are made with a blend of organic and conventional oils that are vegetable based, and some of my soaps contain goat’s milk or cow’s milk. All products are personally made by me in small batches, from creating a formula to printing the labels and packaging the products. I take pleasure in the process and will continue to apply knowledge I gain to my soap making. I hope that you enjoy using my products as much as I enjoy making them for you.

Time to go make another batch!